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Starting in 1989, Peter Stone has been working extensively with creator/owner/legend Neal Adams on his own line of superheroes. Stone co-wrote, dialogued and edited the entire line, which included the fan-favorite characters Armor, Megalith, Silver Streak, Ms. Mystic and Samuree. Other titles included Crazyman, Toyboy, Knighthawk and The Hybrids. Continuity Comics gave many future superstars their first professional work...names like Ed Benes, Mike Deodato Jr., Mark Texiera and Luke Ross. Established pros also worked at Continuity...names like Rudy Nebres, Michael Golden, Trevor Von Eeden, Mark Beachum, Larry Stroman, Al Williamson, Stan Drake and Alex Nino.



Using revolutionary 3-D technology,

Continuity Entertainment drew and colored 5 classic novels in Comic Book format for the Wendy's fast food company. Peter Stone wrote each of the adaptations and Neal Adams and Rudolpho Diamagio provided the art.


Over five million copies were printed and given away in Wendy's childrens meals to great success.

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