The Indestructible Man - Megalith

In those halcyon days of the 1990's, the last century no less, publishers did some really cool stuff. There were called gimmicks, but there were some really amazing covers back then. Gold, silver, red foils...acetate covers...and the holy grail of gimmicks, the HOLOGRAM! Sales skyrocketed, exploding upwards with no end in sight. Of course, like all good things, it came to an end but I have fond memories of Continuity's cooler ideas. One of them was the third month of our first crossover - Deathwatch 2000. We printed on Tyvec...the same material FexEx uses on their soft envelopes. You can't tear it, so we called it INDESTRUCTIBLE!

Of course it wasn't. And to prove it, we recieved a special delivery in the mail. A loyal (somewhat) fan took one of the comics to the backyard, pinned it to his clothesline and fired a .22 round through it. Then he sent it to us to show how wrong we were. Fans are awesome. Armed...but awesome.

However, in the theme of how awesome Megalith is...the ultimate man got an indestructible cover. Not only was it part of a major crossover, featured most of the Continuity heroes, had the detonation of a nuclear missile, but the art was truly epic. Most people don't know the talents of a Filipino artist named Ernesto Infante, but he was perhaps one of the top two artists whose pencils have ever graced the comic book page. I've worked with Neal Adams, Michael Golden and Mark Beachum so I've seen some pretty good art. Ernesto and Neal, toe-to-toe, now that's an interesting battle.

To make the cover even better, Kevin Nowlan inked this brilliant wraparound cover. Nowlan is spectacular with a brush or pen in his hand. He spots blacks with the best of them. He is perhaps one of the best inkers working today. From the days of Nowlan's work on Grimwood's Daughter to the pages of Batman: Oddessy, Nowlan continues to impress me with his style and ability. They make them special in Kansas.

To rachet up the magic of this cover, the coloring was done by Cory. She's handled Neal's work since the days of Batman and Green Lantern. Her choice of the red sunset bathing the figures in a soft reddish glow makes the cover unique and wonderful. All together, these three combine to make one of the best covers Continuity has ever done.

To make the package complete, the interiors of this book are also amazing. Ernesto Infante penciled the story and another little-known artist inked it and turned in a spectacular job. His name is Alberto Saichan and he works in South America. He worked briefly at Marvel but no one realized what they had. The story features some amazing action, the Hybrids and the detonation of nuclear missile. Again, another book to search out because it is worth whatever you pay for it.

If you like the cover, come to my booth in Baltimore and pick up a nice print and a signature. Neal will also be there so you can get his signature as well.

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