Continuing the highlights of the publishing history of Megalith, there was a shining moment when we at Continuity decided to introduce a new group of characters named The Hybrids. The Revengers, despite the group aspect of the title, was where Joe Majurac first appeared and was always the lead of the stories. He was our Super Man. So, when an artist was available for work and was willing to give our characters a shot, Megalith had to be carefully considered. His looks, his physical appearance, and his actions had to be realistic but exciting.

Not an easy thing to find.

Along came Larry (Alien Legion, X-Factor, the Tribe) Stroman. Being generally a large, powerful-looking dude to begin with and with the talent and design qualities of his work, Larry was the perfect fit for our "man of muscle". There was a graphic quality to Larry's page design and a raw power to his action. He did not draw Neal's Megalith, but he did draw an awesome character...culminating with the splash page seen here. I remember writing the page which was the conclusion of the Hybrids bickering like the teenagers they are. Now, to get everyone in line, Megalith does the simplest thing he can think of...banging a fist on a table. Well now, who hasn't wanted to do that? And doesn't it work? Shock and awe!

Except in this case, Megalith smashes his fist on a solid, wooden table and SHATTERS it. It's not Iron Man, Captain America and Thor fighting and destroying a forest or the Hulk tossing tanks around like toys or Superman and Zod blowing up Metropolis (and killing possibly millions of innocents)'s just a young man shattering a table. But BOOM. That immediately became one of the greatest Megalith pages ever. Neal Adams admits he loves the heck outta that page. After sixty nine pages of some of Larry's most sincere work, (the sculpture around the UN Building is especially nice sequence) he turns in the last page. Larry pointed at the stands like Babe Ruth supposedly did and then cracked a MONSTER home run into legend.

When I'm asked who I was lucky enough to work with at Continuity, I, of course, mention Neal Adams, Michael Golden and Ernesto Infante (who I will get to later because no one truly understands how good he was)...AND I mention Larry Stroman. His work on The Revengers and Megalith remains a highlight of my career. I highly recommend these issues be sought out...or maybe they will be reprinted soon enough. (wink, wink)

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