Megalith #1 - Written by Peter Stone (with plot-assist and editing by Neal Adams), penciled by Mark (Punisher, Ghost Rider) Texiera and inked by the legendary Rudy Nebres. This is a pretty fantastic book and the cover is OUTSTANDING! I'm selling prints of this at the Baltimore Comic Convention. Fans can get my signature and Mark Texiera's since he'll be there as well.

For a variety of reasons, everyone LOVES Megalith. Megalith is one of the simplest heroes in the vast array of Continuity Heroes. He doesn't have guns or weapons or energy powers. He's not an alien or a clone or a Hybrid. He is, however, a super man. Not only does he have the fortitude to become the ultimate body builder and weight lifter, he is also the best man he can possibly be. In an era where even the Man of Steel has forsaken his most sacred oath (he will never kill) and where kindness and gratitude towards others is falling by the wayside, Megalith holds fast to the morality he was raised with. He strives every moment of his life to make himself a better man; to fight for justice, his planet, his comrades, those he loves and his family. When presented with the choice of killing a "villain" or allowing an "innocent" to die, Megalith will find a THIRD option. Just because he can lift more than any human, bench press a small car, snatch bullets from the air and has achieved the mystical Eastern concept of the Mind/Body link, these things do not define him. Joe Majurac is a hero in the truest sense of the word. Megalith is not The Ultimate Man because of his strength. It is because of what he stands for, what he fights for and what he would die for.

In this day of secret wars and black ops, of economic turmoil, of the errosion of moral fortitude, of the "dating apocalypse", of our precious heroes taking lives casually, perhaps this is the time we need a hero who stands for the best all of us could be. Perhaps this is the ONLY TIME we need a hero like Megalith. Batman fits easily into this morally ambiguous mold...a cold-hearted specter of vengeance. Superman, once my favorite hero, should NEVER kill...but now he has and the errosion of his character is irrefutable. Megalith will not kill and he will fight to do right all the time and wrong no one.

One of the greatest joys of my life has been to work on Megalith and come to understand what it means to be a man, a father, a husband and a good person. Soon enough, Megalith will be back in print and I promise I will work harder than ever to tell better stories and give Megalith to a whole new generation of fans. (And the art is pretty awesome too.)

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