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They Spoke Out - American Voices Against the Holocaust

Peter Stone was the lead editor, one of the animators and text designer on the "They Spoke Out" series. It was a truly revolutionary experience and perhaps the most heartfelt project Stone has ever been a part of.

As the long night of Nazi terror descended upon Europe's Jews, many in the Free World turned away, but some Americans rose to the challenge.They Spoke Out: American Voices Against the Holocaust presents ten remarkable stories of Americans of all faiths who raised their voices, marched in protest, or even helped smuggle Jewish refugees out of Hitler Europe.

Disney Educational Productions has teamed up with legendary comic book artist Neal Adams and the David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies to create this unforgettable series.

A big city mayor who led protests against the Nazis, despite the danger to his own sister in Europe ...

A former First Lady who offered to personally care for German Jewish children ... A young journalist who teamed up with an ex-wrestler and a Unitarian minister to smuggle Jewish refugees to safety ... A Treasury Department staffer who risked his career to blow the whistle on those who were obstructing the rescue of Jewish refugees. These and other amazing stories shed new light on one of the most troubling chapters in history.

Thirty-five states include the study of the Holocaust in their high school or middle school curricula. Each year, educators seek new and innovative ways to teach this difficult topic. They Spoke Out: American Voices Against the Holocaust addresses this need by presenting an important but little-known chapter of Holocaust history - and presenting it in a unique and compelling way: through motion comics. Blending the features of comic books, animation, period footage, and photographs, motion comics are the newest, cutting-edge way to entertain and to educate simultaneously.

Click on the link below to view the official site.

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