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"Shattered Krystal" by Peter Stone

1972 – South Vietnam. A recently married young soldier smokes a cigarette in the steamy darkness, unaware that a sniper is targeting him. Moments later, he dies not knowing his wife was pregnant with their first child. A beautiful little girl named Krystal Rose Artemis who will never know her father but she will spend most of her life hunting down his killer.

1988 – Washington, DC. A sixteen-year-old girl runs away from home to visit the Viet Nam War Memorial to see her father’s name etched in black next to the names of the thousands of others who died in the war. While she’s there, she meets a handsome young policeman named Ted who agrees to help her locate the surviving men of her father’s unit. After many long phone calls, both realize there is more than friendship between them despite the seven-year age difference. Their affair is brilliantly intense and horribly short – shattered by an event neither imagined possible.

A single gunshot in the dark puts Krystal in an intensive care ward for almost a year, her whereabouts hidden from the world in case the mystery assassin returns. When she awakens, Ted has moved and no one knows where. He does not want to be found. She is crushed beyond words. In her mind, there is only one solution – if she can’t have Ted, she will become an instrument of war and find the man who tried to kill her.

2000 – New York City. Krystal Artemis has spent almost ten years in the Marine Corp becoming one of the deadliest snipers the Marines have ever produced. She’s spent a decade in countries she barely knows the name of, practicing her deadly art. Now she is ready. She has left the Marines, honed herself into a cold piece of metal with only one purpose – the death of the man who tried to kill her. But she can’t find him alone. She needs the help of someone who has hunted men in the past, someone who has intimate knowledge of law enforcement and someone who would be willing to help her kill a man. Someone who has haunted her dreams every night. The only man she has ever truly loved. Ted Prados.

Together Krystal Rose Artemis and Ted Prados embark on a search to locate a man who seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth. Along the way, the two battle the continued yet painful attraction they still have for each other. An attraction poisoned by more than a decade of loss and perceived betrayal. What they don’t realize is that their personal problems are about to become completely secondary because the secret of Krystal’s shooting also holds the secret to her father’s death and the man behind both is far closer to Krystal than she ever imagined. Even after locating the killer, there is still the question of who sent him….and why. The answers lie all the way back in the Viet Nam War and when the final confrontation arrives, Krystal must use all her skills to survive and exact the revenge she has waited her entire life for, even if it means Ted Prados might die.

To purchase this novel for the Amazon kindle or to obtain a hard copy, go to the link below.

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